We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Heartland Funding Inc..

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Matt L (real estate investing for past 5 years with 53 doors under management)

“I first met Don with Heartland Funding about 18 months back.  By the time I found him the first deal was already sold, but he promised to let me know when he has another deal that would fit my investing plan.  I have since done three deals with Dan and ALL have been GREAT!  Don was very straightforward with information (from the price, to a realistic rental or ARV price, to how long things might take me).  After he presented me with all the facts and his thoughts I would run my own comps and estimates and Don was either dead on or was actually conservative in his numbers.  I bought my first deal from Don for $101k, he felt it would take about $50-70k in rehab and sell for about $200k when done.  I actually put $65k into the rehab and sold for $240k when done.  Don was super easy to work with and very informative.  I HIGHLY recommend working with him on ANY deal he brings to the table. Honest, trustworthy and easy to work with is a great recipe for a solid working relationship in the real estate market”

A happy first time home buyer comments

” I appreciate what you did for us.  Thanks for your treatment and everything, thanks so much”.

We found an affordable home for him and his family.  Jose was driving  and hour and one-half each way to work in Peoria until we found him a home.

- Jose Louis Lopez Mestre Peoria Il

Hello Don, I just want to thank you for selling me our house, we really appreciate it.  It’s like a gift for my family.  We are fixing it little by little, and the happiness we feel is indescribable.


- Miluska Pacheco, Davenport Iowa
Limon Testimonial

Limon Buys a House to Live in from Heartland Funding Inc.

- Limon
I bought my house from Heartland Funding in Rockford Illinois. It was a great experience and I love my house. Thank you Heartland Funding and thank you Samantha!   April 17, 2018


- Becky Shih, Rockford Il Home Buyer

Good company superb staff and manager.

Were able to handle purchase with great communication and able to find something to live in for emergencies and value.

Thank You

- Mark Beambilla Van Orin Il.

“I have made money on every investment I have made”.

I have been buying real estate notes and participating in deals with Heartland Funding Inc.  I have made money on every investment I have made.  Don Wede has proven to be completely honest and a pleasure to work with”.

- Frank Tanner retired Dentist living in San Diego

“He is a man of superb character”.

“My wife and I have been in many investments through our self-directed IRA’s with Don Wede and Heartland Funding Inc.  Don has always been honest and trustworthy in all of these  investments.  He is a man of superb character”.

- Byron Schrock / Schrock Realty Mackinaw Il.