Limon Buying a House to Live in From Heartland Funding Inc.

Limon Buying a house from Heartland Funding Inc.

Limon Testimonial
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Okay, hi. My name is Samantha with Heartland Funding Inc.  I’m with Luis Limon and his father and they just purchased a home from us and they were just going to tell us a little bit about their experience.

So could you tell us what your situation was?

Luis: We were just renting out a property down in Ottawa and we decided to … my father wanted to purchase an actual home instead of renting one out. So we decided to look through and he found this one on Facebook.

Speaker 1: And what would you say your experience was? How was the process? Was it easy and simple?

Luis: The process was pretty simple and easy, yeah. It’s smooth, buy it fast and if we had any questions we could contact easily.

Speaker 1: All right, thank you and definitely appreciate your doing business and I appreciate it.

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